Praxis for couple therapy and
psychological counselling

The individual in context of personal development, the couple in context of mutuality and individuation: in this field of potential, growth and interaction, couple therapy, as well as individual counselling and psychotherapy are taking place. In the tradition of the therapeutic dialogue and with help of methods out of the range of psychological techniques and theories, the counselling will be matched personally to your current themes.

Couple Therapy

Do you and your associate, spouse or companion in life are going through a crisis and are seeking for better ways of communication? Are you finding yourself in an ambivalent situation in your relationship, looking for new perspectives and possibilities for your common life?

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Individual counselling

Are you looking for individual counselling, attendance or psychotherapy relating to relationship issues, your personal appealing or other fundamental themes in life? Are you suffering from specific psychopathological symptoms like depression, burn out, anxiety disorder, personality disorder or similar syndromes?

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