Couple therapy, psychological counselling and psychotherapy pursue the purpose of acquiring new developmental perspectives, as well as opening up further opportunities, together with a person, a couple or a family system. The following annotations to the specific fields of work will give you an insight into the different options and my preferred style of working. If you have any further question, do not hesitate to contact me via phone (+41 (0) 61 261 50 17) or via e-mail.

Individual counselling

Individual counselling and psychotherapy

There are many different reasons why a person decides to seek psychological guidance. They can be a separation after a long-term partnership or marriage, unexpected existential situations such as the loss of a near person, but also the occurrence of a mental disorder like depression, burn out, anxiety disorders, phobias, addictions or ADHD.
Also, of personality disorders such as the narcissistic, borderline, dependent histrionic or schizoid personality disorder or personality traits that cause suffering can be treated.

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